I've definitely got some big shoes to fill

Added on by Michael Tammaro.

Finally launching a real site, pretty excited about it, very easy process (thanks pat). I also acquired michaeltammaro.com, so if you go there, it should redirect you back here. But Michael Tammaro already has a history, a name. Apparently this guy scammed the hell out of a bunch of New Yorkers trying to rent or sub-lease part of his apartment. Theres some pretty in depth articles out there and I especially enjoyed the one about one couples experience eventually involving all the people who got scammed by Michael, having a sort of wine and cheese bonding party over the whole ordeal.  Eventually sometime last year, Michael Tammaro was charged with Forgery, Identity theft and Grand Larceny and sentenced to 3 - 9 years in prison. Around the same time, my roommates and I, experienced a lack in our own landlords ability to continue renting out his home to us. It wasn't a real scam situation but it still ended in a lot of fine print of the law being looked into. Anyway, so thanks to the other Michael Tammaro going to prison and forfeiting his domain name, I Michael Tammaro acquired michaeltammaro.com, an internet property I have dreamt about owning since I realized I could have one. Felt like I needed to establish myself more this year so expect an update with some new work in the near future.